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{170} collab.

fill-in-the-blank collab with robby (i started it).

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{160} sssss.

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{159} ssss.

for my friend brian’s album cover. there’s a bunch of other ideas, too; this is just one of them.

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painting painting painting

that’s pretty much done. i think… I set up a new still life for my painting. i love the colors! was gonna turn the last picture right side up but it looks pretty good on its side. ha!   back … Continue reading

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Still working on this piece…  School started on Tuesday, marching into my last semester in grad school.  so sad. I gotta come up with a thesis show by April. damn. It was snowing a lot for a while in Boston, … Continue reading

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It’s a jungle in my studio

I’ve gone back to this painting: but this time i’m working from observation.  It’s a jungle in my studio now. Started on a quick self portrait and kept working on that armor piece… i think i’m almost done??? maybe??

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winter break

These are the stuff I’ve done since Thanksgiving leading up until my Final Critique in Boston. My critique went well.  That will probably be the last all school critique I’ll receive in my grad school career.  The professors said they … Continue reading

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{088} sssausssage.

making tapes for cole’s band, holy zombi, part two. part one is here. i’m aiming for super trippy. i like trippy. there’s also a present in one of the pockets of this tape. it’s a head of a boar. yeah.

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{083} holy zombi.

tape cover design for cole’s band holy zombi. they’re making unique album art for every copy of the release… i am the slowest person ever and this took me like three hours or something. word.

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This is the part I’m excited about.  Recently I started this huge huge woodcut/collograph.  It’s a lot of work  but it’s ridiculously fun to make. The last one I did was an onion. I’ve moved on to a lotus pod. … Continue reading

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Two weeks worth of update, Part 1: paintings I apologize for the lack of updates. been super busy.  I have been taking pictures of what I was working on on almost a daily basis but by the time i get … Continue reading

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Weekly update

Alright, I’ve been working on this large woodcut that I started a week or two ago (this one): Here’s what happened to it in the last week- I cut into the wood AND did a collograph (collage relief) on top … Continue reading

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