about the project

this project started out of a desire to force oneself to be creative on a daily basis.
it’s not so much about the finished product as it is the act of creation.

the web has many, many examples of people embracing 365-day challenges.
those who stick to it find their art/writing/whatever drastically improved by the end.
so that’s what we’re attempting to do here!

here are the basic rules:
– one new piece a day OR updates of existing pieces on a daily basis.
– any kind of visual/written art — but contributors should be satisfied with their submissions.
– there are no rules, although there may be occasional themed days.
– IT ALL BEGINS SEPTEMBER 1ST, 2010! (and ends september 1st, 2011.)

2 Responses to about the project

  1. moving away in january.. ill try to post as much stuff as possible before then..

  2. Ole Skat Nielsen says:

    I like your idea. Have fun and be wiser!

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