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{132} blindness.

i blindfolded myself for a day using my friend’s blindfold of INSANITY. it’s called a MINDFOLD! anyway, i made sure to draw a bit, and these particular images are actually surprisingly cool for the blindness… i didn’t turn the paper, … Continue reading

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{095} gift.

for this week’s the homework project, which is themed “gift”. i printed out 35 copies of this essay i read recently that i found pretty awesome and inspirational, and distributed it (well, and am going to keep distributing, because i … Continue reading

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{080} jumble.

for this week’s entry for the homework project. should you be able to decipher the text using the appropriate cues (the entire piece is divided up into vertical strips which were then rearranged), it does in fact say some stuff. … Continue reading

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{078} plot.

this is for delphine’s postcard project. i’m not sure what the objective is, exactly, but this was my prompt. (hopefully she doesn’t mind me posting this.) here is my response, entitled: A SHORT-TERM TIMELINE PLOT OF MY EMOTIONAL EXPECTATIONS AND … Continue reading

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{011} secrets.

the secret september project i am participating in challenges a person to do a thing in complete secrecy for a month. i’ve got my thing. it isn’t this. but this piece of art/poetry/whatever is in fact inspired by that project. … Continue reading

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{004} unicorn.

okay, i’m going to acknowledge that this is maybe a little fucking weird. BUT. nim gave me a haircut today, and we collected the hair onto a tarp. said tarp was COVERED with hair after we were done, cause i … Continue reading

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i’ve always had a thing for inkblot tests even though this isn’t one really.. what do you see in my lazy pos inkblot? i think i found my dead cat

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