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{064} disco inferno redux.

version 2, with parts inspired by a conversation i just had. how fitting. One question everyone needs to keep in mind when fantasizing about an ideal way to kick the can should be, “Which catalysts for death will inspire the … Continue reading

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{063} disco inferno.

Of all the ways I’ve ever thought about dying, the most glamorously favorable one has been riding a rollercoaster that descends into a blazing inferno. I suppose the hope is that this rollercoasting descent is really not a parallel for … Continue reading

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{062} hypo.

The hypochondria thing is, to her, quite real, and as a result, she philosophically claims she doesn’t want anyone to know about her sicknesses, even though she’s always complaining about them openly. It would be “embarrassing” if people were to … Continue reading

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{061} full up.

Did you know that no human being in the history of mankind has ever really seen a spider build a web? Some might swear up and down that they have, but they’re lying. The truth of the matter is that … Continue reading

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