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I like to draw, paint, read, cook, walk, dance and dream.

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Here’s a week-in-recap: Wednesday, Sept 15 Thursday, Sept 16 Friday, Sept 17 (Technically I only made half of this.) Saturday, Sept 18 Sunday, Sept 19 Monday, Sept 20

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Looking forward to brunch

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Dear Portland Freegans

Please stop stealing from the community garden.

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On Sundays I paint houses in my day planner. Because I’ll need to clean houses. I used to write down a lot more housecleaning information in my book but I found that took up so much space that I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Boiling kettles

I’m working out this idea I had the other night. It seems there are two forces at work, when it comes to making things. There’s the spark of one’s creative energy, and there’s the resulting bubbling of ideas. The trouble … Continue reading

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Kickstarter preview

One of many pictures I finished Friday night, for Research Club’s forthcoming kickstarter video.

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A typical work day

I clean houses for a living, and that means I don’t sit at a desk all day. And THAT means that if I have an idea while I’m busy scrubbing a stovetop or shimmying under a bed to grab a … Continue reading

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Early week wrap-up post

With apologies to the rules. Monday, Sept 6: detail from a study for a painting I’m working on. Tuesday, Sept 7: little studies for a different project. Wednesday, Sept 8: doodles on a bar napkin. Bonus image for being so … Continue reading

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At Anthony’s philosophy class yesterday someone was talking about a bluebird that buries peanuts in her yard. Most are never found, so then the nuts grow into peanut plants. Bird gardener!

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We were in San Diego a few months ago, wandering around Balboa Park. It’s a big, glorious collection of buildings in a sort of Spanish Baroque style, all dripping with massive tiles and arches and statues, and the next time … Continue reading

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My First Research Club Sandwich Board

I only made the letters, Callie salvaged the sign and turned it into something I could make letters on.

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