This is the part I’m excited about.  Recently I started this huge huge woodcut/collograph.  It’s a lot of work  but it’s ridiculously fun to make.

The last one I did was an onion. I’ve moved on to a lotus pod.  The block itself is a 4ftx8ft piece of wood. I just split it in three’s so I can run it through the press.

first print:

some quick sketch/drawings of the lotus pod:

Decided i want the print to be more red:

FUN PART- more cutting and collographing:

Printed. I almost like the block itself better than the print.

decided to make it double to see what it looks like stacked upon one another.

That last print is giant. at least 9ft tall.  I like the feeling that you’re being swallowed by the print when you stand in front of it.

Again, sorry for these huge updates.  It makes more sense to me. especially when I’m working on large projects like these, I usually spent days just carving/preparing the wood, and then one day pumping out ten prints off of it.

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