my mom is the best ever.
birthday/Christmas treasure hunt for CASH PRIZES!

1# inside of the 2nd bathroom toilet bowl.
2# taped to the back of one of the shovels in the giant shovel pile.
3# The inside of a small photograph on the shelf in the guest bedroom.
4# inside a boxing glove on in the storage room, with a little robot on top.
6# Outside, in the salt can that was burried under 2 feet of snow.
7# taped to the back of the half gallon of half and half in the fridge.
(took me a day and a half to find it. %$^%#)
8# Under the picnic table in the backyard where the dogs often hide out from the snow.
9# inside the stickley antique Armoire moms been trying to sell forever.
10# taped under a while piece of paper that was taped to the side of the bathtube, but covered by the curtain. i took two showers and didnt even notice it. (!!!)

i dont know what happened to #5 i lost the clue….


i try to find out about thing & improve myself while helping others. i like tea and art and making things.
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