so what. not gold.

just finished my first (half) marathon today. this is a huge accomplishment for me, since i have a hard time finishing things i start, and a year ago i couldnt run a mile without stopping.

a friend was showing me a link of the “dissapointed asian dad” series that people are making these days. i decided to make one for moms. hope it doesnt offend anyone, but my mom really says things like this to me. And no, that is not my mom. If this happens to go viral one day, I will never forgive myself for inserting my mothers picture lol.

About puffalo

i have way too many hobbies and not enough lifetimes to finish most of my projects. maybe this will be one of the few things i begin and finish. I haven't sketched or painted in a really long time, so you'll see a lot of food pics instead. Hopefully this will get me back into doodling again. g'luck.
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3 Responses to so what. not gold.

  1. soopahvi says:

    dude lady. so funny. i think you should start a mom-isms series… i could probably give you some quotes…

  2. puffalo says:

    i would like that. because my mom cant possibly come up with ridiculous things to say everyday… or can she?

  3. soopahvi says:

    my experience leads me to believe… might can

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