{086} bracelet.

this whole create or die thing has led me to start experimenting a -lot-. no idea is too retarded to try, which naturally leads to a lot of mistakes, but a lot of awesomeness as well. the other day, i had some old socks i was going to throw out, and i was just thinking… fuck. there must be something i can do with them. in fact, there is. for starters, the band part is a good hairband. but other than that… it -is- possible to make some bracelets out of them! unfortunately, i don’t really know of anyone but myself who would be interested in any of these… cept one person, probably, and you can bet your buns he’s getting one for christmas!

anyway. here are two cool ones i came up with tonight. well, and actually, how cool these are is kinda dependent on what you define as cool. i am crazy about bracelets. here’s a picture of my arm today (i’m going to start taking a pic of it every time it changes).

to summarize, top to bottom:
– “remember oral typhoid vaccine” reminder.
– piece of window insulation, from ryan.
– forget. some random rubber band.
– rubber band from produce — made in mexico.
– piece of sock.
– piece of aaron’s sleeping bag (this one is the best one. it’s fraying differently everyday).

by the way, taking pictures of your own arm, in low light, with a macro lens, is hard as hell. to come next from the old sock world, though, is a pair of arm warmers… or a thin scarf? the world is my fucking oyster! donate me your fucking old socks!

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