{066} eagles 44.

fuck, i’m always doing these fucking pieces of art that i can layer for a fucking -eternity-. this is me showing restraint, after like, two hours of craziness.

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2 Responses to {066} eagles 44.

  1. shawniscurious says:

    if you are layering them in photoshop and save each layer as a psd, it can be used in premier and AE and they can be made into/incorporated as/ video.

    in messing with that silly video with all the gifs, i think the most interesting thing is when the carebear gift starts dancing around. i think incorporating/animating gifs, into layered timelapse might be kinda bad ass if done well. (ie not the silly way i did it.)

  2. soopahvi says:

    yeah, totally layered in photoshop!!! 😀 😀 😀 i was actually thinking of doing that myself… just have to find the time to make it happen, but TOTALLY, shawn!!!

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