{061} full up.

Did you know that no human being in the history of mankind has ever really seen a spider build a web? Some might swear up and down that they have, but they’re lying. The truth of the matter is that spiders don’t just have eight eyes — and all of them do have eight eyes, by the way — but that they have sixth senses, too. They always know when a human being is looking at them, and when they sense this intrusion upon their personal space, they don’t begin building their webs. Sure, you might catch them partway into their building of the web, and they’ll continue unperturbed. That’s because it’s the beginning that’s the real mystery. Everyone knows where it goes from there, but no one really knows how it begins. This is the greatest secret of spiders; they and their sixth senses don’t want you, lowly human, to know about this simple basic building block of their existences. So, if you hear someone saying otherwise, just let him or her know — politely, if you will — that you know he or she is a liar. Simple as that.

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2 Responses to {061} full up.

  1. Jennie says:

    …. i swear i have seen one start a web. it wiggled its little butt on something… and when it pulled away, a silky thread spooled from behind. But that was only once in my life.

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