{058} crazy!

we’ve actually been going craft-crazy in our household, with all things related to halloween. today, i worked on my costume (you’ll see it soon), and worked on casting shawn’s face with alginate and {?} –?!

all in all, it’s all been very educational.

anyway, robby helped me a bunch yesterday with my costume because he is good at building large-scale geometric objects, and together, we played the drawing game. as both lovers of geometry, i guess, our approach to the game was actually pretty similarly-minded, which yielded this. basically how it works is: one person starts and the other one does the next step, and so on, til the final product is created. it began with the dot formation in the lower right-hand corner — robby’s doing.

it’s actually unfinished, but…! here it is, for startskis. probably won’t ever get finished.

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2 Responses to {058} crazy!

  1. Jennie says:

    you know viv, you would make a very interesting tattoo artist. screw the blue birds and hearts, give me geometric art.

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