yeah… critique… to hell with it

So…. I’ve been working on some paintings since September and here’s what happened to them as I scramble to finish them up for critique… some of them makes me want to cry….

remember the turtle painting? yeah. BUTCHERED.

(I did end up taking out the turtle in the middle)

and the painting with the figure in the middle? it met its doom too. turned into a horrific self-portrait:

and because I don’t give myself enough crap to do, I started a 6ftx8ft painting A WEEK before the critique. here’s what happened:

… yeah. not too bright. My critique went okay.  Comments were that my colors were muddy and I needed more clarity.  I can live with that.

on to bigger better things. w00t.

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1 Response to yeah… critique… to hell with it

  1. GheP says:

    The last three remind me of the Captain Planet logo. 😀

    Very nice paintings I might add!

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