Super Huge Update(s)

Sorry for disappearing for over a week.  Got over the huge critique but caught a nasty nasty cold immediately after.  was bed-ridden unable to breathe, a coughing snotty mess for the past few days.

the good news is: I’m alive!!

and updates!

First, here are some stuff from Maine. and then I’ll post some stuff I did leading up to the critique.

I did a bunch of this drawings on little maybe 4×5 cards.  I sat in a same spot for two days and just watch the tides go in and out.  When i get to the spot at 8 in the morning, it would be low tide. and as the morning wore on, the tide would come in.  By lunch time, it would be high tide. I had to keep retreating from my drawing spot.  usually by the time i get back to the spot after lunch, where I was sitting in the morning would be a feet under water!  Throughout the afternoon, the tides would starts to lower again….  it was pretty amazing.

here are some details:

I also did a bunch of other paintings.  They are all painted at the exact same spot in the span of about three days along with the tides.  I was just seeing things all around me.  It was a quite spot off the trail so I was undisturbed throughout the entire day… it was amazing yet lonely at the same time.

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