Two men sit down across from me on the subway. The man on the right is wearing a worn blue pinstripe suit with thin olive green socks that bunch around the heel. The man on the left is also wearing a suit, in a shade of brown like dead leaves. The man in the blue pinstripe rubs his neck and says something to the man in brown who pulls an electric razor out of a plastic bag on the seat next to him, turns it on and begin to shave the neck of man in blue. The expression of concern on the face of the man in brown seems almost maternal and there is something touching about what would seem, at face value, to be a comical act. As the razor hums away I wonder what their relationship could be: are they are brothers or close friends? Or strangers?

About Nick Stember

Nick Stember is a mild mannered scholarship manager by day; translator and historian of ill repute by night; loyal Habitician and nerd for life.
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  1. soopahvi says:

    well that’s certainly interesting

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