{017} dreamcatcher.

a birthday present for a very good friend of mine. took way too long, but i’m pretty sure i know how to weave a fishing net now. i’m not sure how i’m going to transport it to him, either. these questions will need to be solved later… components to mention include: soaked bent grapevine, feathers, red suede cord, waxed thread, beads.

on a personal note, i haven’t missed a day yet — or even been late for a day — and i’m pretty stoked on that. i’m going to cambodia and vietnam in two days, so chances are i will probably be late to post, but it is in my mind — and i intend to stick to it — that i will still be making the pieces on said days, even if they’re not posted on said days. you’ll just have to take my snafanugen word for it.

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3 Responses to {017} dreamcatcher.

  1. kathyliao says:

    sweeeet. have fun in Cambodia and Vietnam!

  2. nick_stember says:

    word. i like this.

  3. shawniscurious says:

    so rad.

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