A message.

To all those slackers….

All or nothing. Pull it together people. It takes two shits to make some drawings. Lets do it.

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Gets down.
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3 Responses to A message.

  1. Sal Paradise says:

    I mean this respectfully:

    1. Let’s keep it positive. No one wants to make things if they’re feeling bad about it.

    2. Haste makes waste. Me, I want to make things I’m proud of. If I post scribbles from my arm every day, I’m going to feel bad about it.

    3. There are outside forces at work here. Some people don’t have internet every day. Some people simply can’t commit the time but want to chime in sometimes, for the thrill of being a part of something. So have a care, chum.

    This blog, for me, is a call to Try Hard. Not to Do Or Die At All Costs. We’re all on different paths, all in different places. I appreciate the call for more. You show us how it’s done and we will feel inspired to follow suit. You work hard on you, and I’ll work hard on me.

    • bigwordsboys says:

      Respectfully taken.

      1.Not trying to get anybody down.

      2.I drink a lot.

      3.365 days, to me, means quantity over quality. No one is judging anything.

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