A typical work day

I clean houses for a living, and that means I don’t sit at a desk all day. And THAT means that if I have an idea while I’m busy scrubbing a stovetop or shimmying under a bed to grab a sock, I won’t have paper to write it on.

Lists and single-word ideas usually get quickly emailed to myself from my smart phone (hereinafter referred to as “the robot”,) but any images must be drawn. And that is why I keep a ballpoint pen in my apron.

Working hard

Sketches are a wild, varied species, aren’t they? Napkins, backs of receipts, salvaged paper and the margins of spelling worksheets all take turns hosting these strange creatures. We all have notebooks of course and they do a great job of hosting most of them, but sometimes it seems like the most interesting sketches are the gestural, scarcely legible ones that couldn’t wait for proper paper.

About Simply Kumquat

I like to draw, paint, read, cook, walk, dance and dream.
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