{004} unicorn.

okay, i’m going to acknowledge that this is maybe a little fucking weird.

nim gave me a haircut today, and we collected the hair onto a tarp. said tarp was COVERED with hair after we were done, cause i have a shit ton of hair. it was a potential bitch to clean up, so i decided to take it home and fuck around with it. fuck around with it i did. it was REALLY, really, REALLY, REALLY fun, but also really bizarre and i didn’t know quite what to do with it cause, well, i’ve never worked with my hair before.

i tried a whole bunch of things, but eventually settled on mixing it with paint to the point where it got this really nice coloration and kind of thick texture… and then i kinda combino’d it with some string. the finished product is alright, but it was really fun and kind of educational. i foresee a lot of friend-haircuts in the future, so maybe there will be more playing around later, too.

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